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Introduction Of Laser Marking Machine Control System

- Oct 23, 2017 -

Laser power: laser power is a power for the fiber laser device, the input voltage AC220V AC, is generally installed in the laser marking machine control box. Fiber lasers: The use of imported pulsed fiber lasers, the output laser mode is good long life, is designed to be installed in the laser marking machine chassis.Laser Marking Machine

Computer control system: computer control system is the entire laser marking machine control and command center, but also the software installation of the carrier. Through the sound and light modulation system, galvanometer scanning system coordination control to complete the workpiece marking processing. Focusing system: The role of the focusing system is to focus the parallel laser beam at one point. Mainly using f-θ lens, different f-θ lens focal length is different from the marking effect and range are not the same; fiber laser marking machine used in the import of high-performance focusing system, the standard configuration of the lens focal length f = 160mm, effective Scan range Φ110mm, the user can be selected according to the type of lens.Laser Marking Machine

Galvanometer scanning system: galvanometer scanning system is composed of two parts of the optical scanner and servo control, and optical scanner using dynamic magnetic deflection mode of operation of the servo motor, with a large scanning angle, peak torque, load inertia, work Speed and other advantages; can be divided into X-direction scanning system and Y-direction scanning system, each servo motor shaft fixed laser reflection lens; each servo motor by the computer issued a digital signal to control its scanning trajectory.Laser Marking Machine

Currently on the market according to the type of laser is divided into a variety of laser marking machine, which is mainly fiber laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine, YAG laser marking machine and semiconductor laser marking machine. So if you choose? Customers need to describe their own processing needs in detail so that laser manufacturers on behalf of the technical staff recommended. The focus is that customers can carry samples on-site proofing, see the effect of the sample, understand the performance of the model, operation and other points. Choose a suitable model, according to their own needs, a detailed understanding of the performance characteristics of the machine, whether to meet their own needs.Laser Marking Machine

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