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Introductionn Of Flying Fiber Laser Marking Machine

- Jul 13, 2017 -

Flying fiber laser marking machine

Product Introduction

Fiber Laser Marking Machine is the latest generation of laser marking system, resulting from our own research using the world’s most advanced laser technology.

Adoption of fiber laser system for outputting laser, and then achieve marking functions by high-speed scanning galvanometer mirror system.

The electro-optical conversion efficiency of fiber laser marking can reach to 90% or above, it has higher beam quality in comparison to semiconductor laser marking machine. 

The machine is designed for long-time maintenance-free. 


Model : HBS-GQ

Laser Wavelength


Beam Quality


Laser Repetition


Standard Marking Area

110mm x 110mm

Making Depth

≤1.5mm(Can be Adjustable)

Marking Speed


Min. Line Width


Min. Character Size


Repetition Precision


Power Consumption


Cooling method

Air cooled

Power Supply


If you have any question, welcome to contact with us.

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