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Label Laser Marking Machine Maintenance And Maintenance

- Jul 14, 2017 -

                 First, the air blower clean: the use of the wind captain time, will make the fan inside accumulate a lot of solid dust, so that the blower produces a lot of noise, also is not conducive to exhaust and deodorization. When the suction of the fan is not enough to exhaust the smoke, first power off, the fan on the air duct and out of the duct, remove the dust inside, and then the fan upside down, and pull the inside of the wind leaves, until clean and clean, and then install the fan.Laser Marking Machine

                Second, screws, coupling fastening: The movement system after a period of work, the movement of the screws, couplings will be loose, will affect the smoothness of the mechanical movement, so in the machine operation to observe the transmission components have abnormal or unusual phenomenon, found that the problem should be timely and strong and maintenance. At the same time, the machine should be used for a while with tools to strengthen the screws. The first solid should be about one months after the equipment is used.Laser Marking Machine

                Third, the cleaning of the lens (recommended to clean before work every day, the equipment must be in shutdown status) engraving machine with 3 mirrors and 1 focus mirror (1th mirror at the laser tube at the launch exit, that is, the upper left corner of the machine, the 2nd mirror is located on the left side of the beam, the 3rd mirror is located at the top of the laser head fixed part, the Focus mirror is located in the lower part of the laser head can be adjusted in the mirror tube), the laser is reflected by these lenses, focusing Lenses are easily stained with dust or other contaminants, resulting in laser loss or damage to the lens, No. 1th and No. 2nd lens cleaning should be removed, only dip in the cleaning liquid mirror paper carefully along the center of the lens to the edge of the rotary wipe. No. 3rd lens and focus lens need to be removed from the lens frame, wipe it with the same method, and then put it back as it is.Laser Marking Machine

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