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Laser Application In The Electronics Industry

- Feb 02, 2018 -

Computers, telecommunications and consumer electronics products, laser heat affected area due to small, fine processing, processing speed, conventional methods can not be achieved easily achieved by the process, laser marking in the 3C industry has been more and more widely application. But today, fiber laser marking has become another trend in the industry. 

Fiber marking in the electronic components and organic polymers and other materials surface precision machining has considerable advantages. Especially carved plastic shell, a special keyboard marking, marking and other electronic components. This kind of application comprehensively covers IC chip, crystal oscillator, mobile phone battery, SIM card, charger, PCB, key, crystal, capacitor, switch panel, cable, lamp, diode, household appliance and so on.

Laser cutting: cutting of integrated circuit board, fast, smooth and smooth incision, generally do not need to follow-up processing. Heat affected zone is small, plate deformation is small, narrow slit (0.1mm ~ 0.3mm); no mechanical stress incision, no cutting burr. Processing accuracy, repeatability, does not damage the surface of the material, widely used in the electronics industry.

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