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Laser Marking Features And Advantages

- Jan 30, 2018 -

Laser marking is a very subtle flare shot a variety of symbols, text, graphics, etc., the spot size can be on the order of microns. For micro-plus or security has a deeper meaning.

After focusing on the very fine laser as a sharp edge, the surface of the material can be removed point by point. The biggest advantage is that the marking process is non-contact processing, will not produce negative scratches and friction, it will not cause the crash or crush and so on. So will not damage the items to be processed. As the laser beam again after zooming spot becomes more small, resulting in small thermal effects, processing precision, so you can do some conventional cannot be completed, can not be achieved.

Laser processing With modern CAD / CAM software, cutting off any form of a sheet is possible. With laser processing, it not only has the advantages of fast processing speed, high efficiency, and low cost but also avoids mold replacement and shortens the production preparation time period. Easy to achieve continuous processing, laser beam transposition time is short, improve production efficiency. Can be a variety of workpiece alternately installed. When a workpiece is machined, the completed component can be removed, the workpiece to be machined can be installed, the parallel machining can be realized, the installation time can be reduced, and the laser machining time can be increased. Laser cutting with its high-speed, high precision, high quality, energy saving and environmental protection, has become a modern metal processing technology development.

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