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Laser Marking Machine So That Mechanical And Electrical Parts Identification More Clearly

- May 25, 2017 -

The motor is used as a device for converting electrical energy into machinery, which is widely used Laser Marking Machine in various fields. The rapid development of new energy has led to the rapid growth of the motor industry, China's motor industry development prospects. Although China has gradually become a major motor manufacturing industry, mastered the efficient and ultra-efficient energy-saving motor production technology, Laser Marking Machine but the dual pressures of emission reduction and environmental protection, efficient motor as the representative of energy-saving equipment in the market concern.

Laser Marking Machine for mechanical and electrical parts identification, to adapt to the smooth processing of parts after the etching, automatic Laser Marking Machine using a unique body design, optical X / Z axis can automatically move around to improve work efficiency. To achieve the plane batch marking, but also to adapt to the parts of the rough surface (rough surface) of the etching. Adaptation materials: metal (including: cast iron, cast aluminum), most non-metallic (engineering plastics, rubber);

Fiber laser marking machine equipment characteristics

Good anti-counterfeiting: Due to the complexity of the production of laser labels, the special and non-reusable nature of the label material, Laser Marking Machine is difficult for the counterfeiters of the motor parts to evaluate the labels, thus effectively protecting the legitimate interests of the manufacturers and users of the regular motor parts. No inventory: the user at any time according to the needs of laser marking, without any inventory.

Low cost: low cost for Laser Marking Machine large motors using laser tags. Particularly applicable to the motor more than the motor factory high temperature, wear, corrosion, water, long service life.

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