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Laser Marking Technology Application In The Mobile Manufacturing Industry

- Jan 30, 2018 -

70% of cell phone manufacturing processes are applied to laser technology and laser manufacturing equipment. Especially in recent years, high-power, high-energy UV marking machine, deep UV and ultra-fast laser processing technology, and promote the development of smart phone manufacturing technology. This is related to the nature of laser technology and the precise nature of handpieces. On the one hand, due to the laser with high power density, good direction, clean, efficient, environmentally friendly and other salient features. Laser processing technology to replace the traditional processing technology is accelerating the trend of its micro-processing advantages in the laser welding machine, laser marking machine, laser cutting machine and other advantages are obvious. On the other hand, cell phone processing is a crystallization of precision manufacturing technology that requires micromachining and manufacturing equipment.

Laser drilling is one of the most important mobile processing applications. Laser focused spots can be on the order of one wavelength and concentrate very high energies in a small area, making them particularly suitable for machining deep, deep holes. Laser drilling the smallest aperture only a few microns, hole depth and aperture ratio can be greater than 50 microns. Laser drilling in mobile phone applications can be used for PCB board drilling, casing and antenna drilling holes, earphone drilling, with high efficiency, low cost, small deformation, the advantages of a wide range of applications. Cell phone a big place to focus more than 200 spare parts, the manufacturing technology can be made even more difficult one of the manufacturing technology. In a half a finger a little wider, a little bit longer, one centimeter higher space, the LPC, camera, LCD, LCD, circuit boards, antennas, more than 200 parts processing, inlaid, integrated together, their High precision requirements. Laser technology is an important technology to promote the rapid rise of China's mobile phone manufacturing industry.

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