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Laser Marking Technology In The Mobile Phone Manufacturing Industry

- Aug 14, 2015 -

Laser marking is an extremely fine spot to play a variety of symbols, text, graphics and so on, spot size can be microns. Micro plus or security work has a deeper meaning.

Like fine laser focus after the sword, the surface of the material can be removed by point. The greatest benefit is that the process of marking the non-contact processing, and will not have a negative scratches and friction, it will not cause squeezing or crushing and so on. It will not damage the articles to be processed. Since the laser beam spot becomes finer zoom again, small thermal effect generated region, precision machining, it can do some routine can not be completed, the process can not be achieved.

Laser processing can aid modern CAD / CAM software, to achieve any kind of sheet metal cutting, laser processing, not only fast processing speed, high efficiency, low cost, and avoid mold changes and shorten production lead time period. Easy to achieve continuous processing, laser beam transposition short time, improve production efficiency. A variety of workpieces can be installed alternately. When machining a workpiece, the completed part can be removed, and the installation of the workpiece to be processed, to achieve parallel processing, to reduce the installation time, the laser processing time increases. Its high-speed laser cutting, high-precision, high-quality, energy-saving and environmental protection features, has become the technological development direction of modern metal machining. In the laser processing applications, laser cutting accounted for 32% market share. Laser cutting compared with other cutting methods, the biggest difference is that it has high speed, high precision and high adaptability characteristics. It also has slotted small, small heat-affected zone, good quality cutting surface, no noise when cutting, good slit edge vertical, smooth cutting edge, the cutting process is easy to achieve automatic control and so on. Laser cutting sheet metal, do not die, some of the alternative methods require the use of complex punching large mold, can greatly shorten the production cycle and reduce costs.

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