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Laser Processing Technology Features

- Jan 31, 2018 -

Laser processing technology has many advantages over traditional processing techniques and is therefore used in such a wide range of applications. Particularly suitable for the development of new products: once the product drawings formed, the laser processing can be carried out immediately, you can get the new product in kind in the shortest possible time.

1, small laser spot, energy concentration, heat-affected zone is small;

2, laser marking does not need to touch the workpiece, so no pollution to the workpiece;

3, the laser from electromagnetic interference, compared with the electron beam processing more convenient application;

4, laser beam easy to focus, guide, easy to automate control.

5, a wide range of laser marking: almost any material for carving and cutting.

6, The laser is safe and reliable: the use of non-contact processing, will not cause mechanical extrusion or mechanical stress on the material.

7, laser-precise and meticulous: Processing accuracy can reach 0.1mm

8, the same laser processing effect: to ensure that the same batch of processing effect is almost exactly the same.

9, high-speed laser quick and easy: According to the computer immediately output patterns for high-speed engraving and cutting, and laser cutting speed and wire cutting speed is much faster.

10, The laser is low cost: not limited by the number of processing, for small batch processing services, laser processing cheaper.

11, laser cutting slit small: laser cutting kerf is generally 0.1-0.2mm.

12, laser cutting surface smooth: laser cutting surface without burrs.

13, small thermal deformation: Laser processing laser kerf fine, fast, energy concentration. Therefore, the amount of heat transferred to the material to be cut is small, causing deformation of the material to be very small.

14, the laser processing of large products: large products mold manufacturing costs are high, laser processing without any mold manufacturing. And laser processing to completely avoid the material formed when the red edge of the collapse, can significantly reduce the cost of production and improve product quality.

15, save material: laser processing using computer programming, different shapes of products can be set of materials, to maximize the utilization of materials, greatly reducing the cost of materials business.

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