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Looking To Strengthen Basic Research Fiber Laser Industrial Opportunities

- Aug 14, 2015 -

Recently, on the first 101 East Technology Forum "high-power fiber laser and its applications development" Seminar, scholar Academician Wang Jiang, Lin Zunqi, Songhao, Jiang Zhonghong, etc. and from all aspects of research in optical fiber laser, respectively high trends power fiber lasers, a number of key, fundamental scientific problem and its application prospects in important areas of the localization of key technologies that must be solved in the field of high-power fiber laser in-depth discussion.

Related experts believe that, from the development of the laser technology, the fiber laser represents the development direction and trend of high power lasers. "In view of its important applications in industrial, defense and other fields, China should continue to strengthen research in this field, and to realize the localization and industrialization as soon as possible." They issued a strong appeal.

High-power fiber lasers has attracted worldwide attention

Conference Executive Chairman Wang Jiang in the "Advances of high power fiber lasers and their applications" topic report describes the fiber laser has many unique advantages, other lasers can not match, it is a gain medium length, high coupling efficiency, heat, structure simple, compact and easy to use, good output beam quality and a wide range of output wavelength (400 ~ 3400nm).

The many advantages of fiber lasers, determines that it is one of the reliable choice for high power and high beam quality solid-state laser system, the United States, Britain, Germany, France, Japan and many other developed countries have attached great importance to high power fiber lasers.

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