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Magnetic Chip Remover

- Aug 05, 2017 -

              Chip machine According to the different applications have a lot of kinds, this article we mainly introduce two commonly used chip conveyor spiral chip machine and chain plate chip machine main function and application range, in order to facilitate the use and purchase.Magnetic Chip Remover

              The spiral chip separator is mainly used in the machining process of metal, non-metallic materials cut off the granular, powdery, block and roll-like conveyor, can be used in CNC lathes, machining centers or other machine tools placed in a relatively narrow space, and other chip devices combined use, can be composed of different structural type of chip-cutting system. Magnetic chip is the use of permanent magnetic materials produced by the magnetic force of the strong field, the granular, powdery and length of less than 150 mm of ferrous metal chips adsorbed on the face plate, conveying to the chip box (vehicle) in the machine function parts. Can be widely used in combination of machine tools, automatic lathes, gear processing machine tools, milling Machine broaching machine, gun milling gun hinge machines, special machine tools, automatic lines and line of dry processing and wet processing chip processing.Magnetic Chip Remover

             Chain plate chip, mainly used for collecting and conveying all kinds of rolls, clumps, block chip, as well as magnetic chip chips can not solve the copper crumbs, aluminum chips, stainless steel chips, carbon blocks, nylon and other materials, widely used in various types of CNC machine tool machining center combination of machine tools and flexible production lines, but also as stamping, cold pier machine tool small parts of the conveyor, applied to health, food production and transportation to improve the operating environment to reduce labor intensity, improve the automation of the whole machine, The chain board can be made of stainless steel and cold-rolled plate two according to user's requirement. Scraper chip cutting machine device transmission speed selection range, high efficiency, effective chip width diversification, can provide sufficient range of selection, such as CNC machine tools, machining centers, grinders and automatic lines. In the processing of grinding metal sand grains, abrasive grains, as well as the automotive industry in the aluminum chip effect is better, scraper on both sides of the special chain, scraper board height and distribution space can be randomly designed, so the transmission is stable, compact structure, good strength. And according to users need to add steel net recoil, scraper, vortex separator, oil and water separator, such as the formation of integrated filtration system to improve product surface processing accuracy, save coolant, reduce labor intensity, is a widely used machine tool auxiliary device.Magnetic Chip Remover

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