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Manual Of The CO2 Laser Marking Machine

- Jan 02, 2018 -

Manual of the CO2 laser marking machine

Check the water circuit, the circuit before the boot. The boot sequence is:

connected to the line power, turn on the key switch. At this point the mechanical ventilation and refrigeration system is powered, the ammeter shows the value of about 7A;

Wait for 5 to 10 seconds, press the trigger button on the external control panel, the ammeter shows the value is zero, 3 to 5 seconds later, the krypton lamp lit, the ammeter shows the value of 7A. (Refer to laser power operating instructions);

open galvanometer power;

open the computer, bring up the required marking documents;

adjust the laser power to the operating current (10 ~ 18A), you can start marking;

After marking, reverse the order of the reverse power of the components:

the laser power supply current adjusted to the minimum (about 7A);

shut down the computer;

turn off galvanometer power;

press the stop button;

turn off the key switch;

disconnect the incoming power.

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