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Mechanical Device Of Dot Pin Marking Machine

- Jul 03, 2017 -

           The printing machinery device mainly includes the word vehicle and the transmission mechanism, the printing needle control mechanism, the color belt drive mechanism, the walking paper mechanism and the printer status sensor, these are the precision mechanical devices, in order to guarantee each kind of mechanism to realize the following movement.

           (1) Word car and transmission mechanism is the carrier of the print head, print head through the word car transmission system to achieve a horizontal left and right movement, and then by the printing needle hit the ribbon and printed word. The power source of the character vehicle is generally used stepper motor, and the rotation of the stepper motor is changed into the transverse movement of the character vehicle through the transmission device. The general use of wire rope or synchronous toothed belt for transmission.

           (2) Print needle control mechanism printing needle is the key to correct printing. The print needle control mechanism realizes the needle-pin and the needle-receiving action. The action of printing needles is usually controlled by electromagnetic principle.Dot Pin Marking Machine

           (3) The color belt drive mechanism prints the needle to hit the color belt, the printing ink on the color belt prints the character or the graph on the printed paper. During the printing process, print head left, right move, the color belt drive mechanism Driving ribbon also rotate, constantly changing the color belt is printed needle impact parts, to ensure that the color belt uniform wear, thus not only extend the service life of the Ribbon, but also to ensure that the printed character or graphics color uniformity.Dot Pin Marking Machine

The color belt drive mechanism generally utilizes the character vehicle motor to drive the synchronous toothed belt (such as Lk-1600) or the steel (nylon) wire rope drive ribbon uranium to rotate, also may use two separate electric motors (for example some color printer) to drive the color belt positive, the reverse belt respectively.

          (4) The mechanism of walking paper is to realize the longitudinal movement of the printing papers. When you finish printing a line, it wraps through the paper. The way of walking paper is generally friction paper, gear feed and pressure paper drum feed and so on. The dynamic mode of the stepper motor is changed by the traction mechanism to move the paper.Dot Pin Marking Machine

          (5) Printer status sensor settings are different for different printers. Usually have the original position sensor (check whether the word car is parked in the left original position), Paper sensor (detect whether the installed printer is used up, use the alarm), timing sensor (detection of the instantaneous position of the word car) and the machine cover status sensor (detection of the exception in print operation) and so on.Dot Pin Marking Machine

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