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METAV 2018 Trade Show, On February Germany, Welcome To Our HBS Booth

- Dec 22, 2017 -

METAV2018 Trade Show

METAV Manufacturing Technology and Automation

Time20-24 Feb 2018 


Our booth is Hall16, F117

Beijing HBS Science & Technology Co., LtdMETAL2018.jpg

We will take the machines as follows:


1. Model: HBS-GQ-20A, HBS Standard Fiber Laser Marking machine, with Automatic lifting, red focus(focus finder), with Rotary can easily mark for the round workpiece.

2. Model: HBS-GQ-20A1, Fiber Laser Marking Machine,  enclosed with Automatic lifting, red focus(focus finder)

3. Model: HBS-GQ-30A1, Fiber Laser Making Machine in 30watts, more powerful!

4. Model: HBS-MP-20A, New MOPA Fiber Laser Marking machine, can mark for different colors

5. Model: HBS-GQ-20C, New Portable Fiber Laser marking machine,which can remover easily

6. Model: HBS-GQ-20E, Fiber Laser Marking Machine totally enclosed

7. Model: HBS-380D, Portable Electric Marking Machine  

8. Model: JZ115D, Electric desktop


Welcome to our booth , you will get more surprise!

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