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Method For Manufacturing Magnetic Chip Breaker

- Jun 13, 2017 -

    In the current state to promote energy conservation and environmental protection of the mechanical processing era, the hobbing industry, the rise of a large number of dry hobbing machine, the traditional hobbing machine is also transformed into dry processing, but in the dry process, the metal chip because there is no large amount of cutting oil coverage, often There will be the phenomenon of chip flying, but also to the operator in the processing and cleaning to bring a lot of inconvenience, a little carelessness may be flying out of the chip to hurt themselves.Magnetic Chip Remover

    In addition, the mold industry processing deep box large module, the metal iron is often difficult to clean up, with a wind gun clean up, iron scraps are easy to hurt the operator itself, if not promptly clean up the processing blade life is great The impact of many companies are not very good solution, but also makes a substantial increase in processing costs.

   Disclosed is a magnetic chip, comprising a permanent magnet, a shell, a copper strip, a soft iron bar, a rotating block and a bottom cover, the shell being a hollow cylindrical structure, the inner wall of the shell cavity being staggered An elliptical permanent magnet is arranged in the cavity of the shell, the front end of the shell is provided with a rotating block, the rotating block is arranged on the top end of the permanent magnet through the oval hole, and after the shell End with bottom cover. The magnetic chip through the permanent magnet and copper (anti-material), soft iron (which can be magnetized in a short time and demagnetization), through the adsorption shell design, by rotating the rotating block to change the suction device suction Chip and chip removal function, but the structure of the chip is complex, high production costs, chip removal, if the permanent magnet and copper angle is not completely coincide, resulting in adsorption on the shell of iron can not fall, Chip is not complete, the operation is not convenient, practical poor, is not conducive to the promotion and application. Utility model content

    The purpose of the utility model is to overcome the shortcomings of the prior art, and to provide a magnetic chip for collecting iron filings. The invention has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use, good practicability and convenient application. A magnetic chip for collecting iron chips, the magnetic chip comprising a strong magnet, an anti-magnetic rod, a hollow suction cylinder and an anti-magnetic barrier ring, and the force magnet is connected with the magnetic lock rod, Wherein the magnetism-preventing rod is movably provided in the suction cylinder, and the end of the anti-magnetic pull rod is exposed outside the suction cylinder.Magnetic Chip Remover

    Wherein the force magnet is located at the suction end when the suction cylinder includes an adsorption end and a chip drop end, and the force magnet is located at the suction end, and when the chip is removed, And the anti-magnetic rod extends out of the suction cylinder. And the end of the dust removing end is provided with a hollow elongated rod, and the end of the anti-magnetic rod is exposed outside the extension rod. The distance of the anti-magnetic barrier ring and the end of the suction end is equal to the length of the strong magnet, and the distance between the anti-magnetic ring and the end of the dust is larger than the length of the strong magnet.Magnetic Chip Remover

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