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New Material Application Of Laser Marking Machine

- Sep 22, 2017 -

At present, a large number of marking machine with marking card development company, and related development team to develop touch-screen laser marking system. At present, all of the marking software of Dreiser Laser has made the interface simplification. Laser marking machine straight to miniaturization, characterized. This point is obviously to the current size of the gold to combine, but also with the mobile, a machine more than the cost of the province to combine. At present, the industry of laser marking machine equipment Shell molding still stay at the level of 20 years ago.Laser Marking Machine

Suitable for some plastic, silicon and reflective metal output visible green laser working at 532nm wavelength, it can achieve a clear contrast on plastic materials marking, can achieve soft marking on silicon materials, but also in the silver reflective material to achieve high-quality marking.Laser Marking Machine

UV Laser Marking machine: To achieve the high resolution marking of plastic and corrosion resistant materials, the output wavelength of UV laser marking machine is 355nm, which can provide unique marking characteristics, which can obtain excellent contrast effect in many other laser-marking plastic. Laser Marking Machine

For example, can be used to mark medical catheters and highly corrosion-resistant 17-x stainless steel materials. Compared with fiber lasers, Nd: YVO4 lasers and even green lasers, UV lasers can achieve the best quality of marking on all materials. The 355nm wavelength further increases the range of plastic materials that can be labeled, and in addition, it can strictly control heat input when marking on metal materials.Laser Marking Machine

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