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Mark on the Paper Craft Using CO2 Marking Machine

- Feb 18, 2018 -

Paper-cuts, usually with auspicious patterns, give a happy and prosperous atmosphere of the Spring Festival and express the good wishes of Chinese people looking forward to a good life. Chinese people usually paste the paper-cutting on windows and walls one day or two days before Spring Festival. 

It’s very hard for ordinary people to connect the laser with paper crafts. 

Can laser marked on paper? Yes. 

The CO2 laser marking machine has already been used in advertising, packaging, tobacco and alcohol, greeting cards, leather and other non-metallic industries.

CO2 laser marking machine makes no direct contact on paper products. This way, it has no mechanical deformation. Besides, the machine uses wind cooling which can save lots of energy. HBS has many kinds of CO2 laser marking machines for you to choose from. Here are two HBS hot selling models with different style.

HBS-DB-10A (1).jpg

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