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Pneumatic DOT Peen Marking Machine with Competitive Price

- Sep 01, 2017 -

Pneumatic DOT Peen Marking Machine


Product Description 

Our Pneumatic Marking Machine has many types, Including Portable Marking Machine, Desktop Marking Machine. Both including Imbededed type, which makes the working much convenient. Imbeded Marking Machine adopts micro computer technology, canceling the normal PC, which makes the system more stable and convenient.

Software system of pneumatic Marking Machine

Own developed marking control software system.

A. Optimized stepper

B. Could edit and revise any Chinese or English character, number, and figures, then finally mark them out.

C. Tailor-made marking for Vin, serial number, 2D Data Matrix, date, scale and circular.

D. Special automatic marking machine.

Product Application

Common metals and alloys (iron, copper, aluminum, magnesium, zinc, etc and all other metals), rare metal and alloy (gold, silver and titanium); metallic oxide (various kinds of metal oxide), special surface treatment (phosphating, anodized aluminum, plated surface); ABS material (electrical appliances shell, daily necessities), ink (light buttons, printed products), epoxy resin (encapsulation of electronic components, insulating layer).


We are one of Chinese leading marking machine manufacturer since year 2001, with strong ability covering products designing, producing, products upgrading etc. We provides numerous customized marking solutions all over the world.

Since 2001 in laser fields, HBS is specialized in developing and manufacturing laser marking machine with perfect quality and excellent after-sales services... after years of continuous efforts, it becomes one of the largest and leading laser-marking equipmentsuppliers in China. HBS had provided numerous well-known companies with wide-ranging solutions and reliable marking equipment, with a strong and sustainable traceability to the industry.

Your attention, please! We can not only supply you the many kinds of  machinery , but also can offer OEM. What's more, we can provide you the machine with best quality in a good price.

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