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Pneumatic Portable Dot Pin Marking Machine

- Jul 28, 2017 -

Model HBS-380D


Marking Area 30mm x 80mm

Marking Pattern: Line, Arc, Angularity,Dot-Matrix,

Marking Depth ≤0.3mm (Adjustable with different material)

Marking Hardness  HRC62       

Marking Speed:   2 - 5 Characters Per Second

Power supply    AC220V ±10% 50Hz

COM Port       RS232, USB

Power Consumption    ≤350W

Marking Options:


HBS-130D - 30mm x130mm HBS-6130D - 60mm x130mm

Marking Materials:
Arabic numerals, all kinds of logo, Common symbols, Chinese character, English letters, graphic, Roman alphabets, VIN codes, Automatic date printing, automatic production Numbers and other designated languages on any metal or non-metal materials.

It's applicable for the fields of automobile motorcycle parts, merchanism, petroleum, aeronautical and space, electric apparatus, steel, metal, non-metal and hard plastic materials. It mainly used for marking logos, characters, serials numbers and VIN codes on bodywork of motorcycles, nameplates, connecting rods, engines, mechanical parts, machine tools, metal pipe, gear, pump, valve, fastening pieces, cylinder and various hardware.

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