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Principle And Precautions Of Laser Marking Machine

- Jun 26, 2017 -

        Laser marking is a permanent marker of a laser beam on a variety of different material surfaces. The effect of marking is to reveal deep matter through the evaporation of the surface matter, or to "carve" the traces of the chemical and physical changes of the surface matter through the light energy, or to burn off some of the material by light energy, showing the pattern and text of the etching.Laser Marking Machine.

        The laser marking machine occasionally appears the problem, if cannot solve the problem in time, may affect the product delivery time, in fact, although the laser marking machine maintenance is more troublesome, but the principle is very simple, and there are some problems we can solve ourselves, here today to teach you some laser marking machine more common problems, and how to solve these problems:Failure 1: Laser intensity drop, labeling is not clear solution: 1. Whether the laser resonator is changed; The best output spot; 2. The output energy of acousto-optic crystal offset or acousto-optic power supply is low; Adjust the position of acoustooptic crystal or enlarge the working current of acousto-optic power supply; 3. Laser Deviation center of vibration Mirror: adjusting laser; 4. If the current tune to 20A or so still sensitive enough: Krypton lamp aging, replace the new light. Failure 2: Krypton lamp does not trigger (reference to NTP Power usage manual) Workaround: 1. Check all power connectors; 2. High Voltage Krypton lamp aging, replace Krypton lamp. Failure 3: There is a long three short alarm when online there are several reasons and troubleshooting methods 1, the software does not work, the motherboard is loose, open the computer please plug in.2, Q-Drive alarm lights, check 37-pin and 15-pin has not loosened, Q switch has normal water. 3, Laser power alarm light, check the cold water machine has not opened, the lamp has no damage, (such as the need to replace the lamp). Failure 4: The reasons for not light have the following several reasons and solution 1, the whole optical path screw loosening, need to tighten the screws. 2, whether the gun body dust too much, in order to prevent the gun inside the mirror, if found to have to replace the gun endoscope. 3, cold water captain time to open the laser power will cause the light to freeze the phenomenon, need to shut down the whole machine power system after 1 o'clock and then reboot. 4, lamp aging or laser power drop, must replace the lamp. 5. After working for a long time, the laser power drops, the bottom cover of the gun is opened, and the mirror of the gun needs to be adjusted. Trouble 5: Computer FAQ has the following problems 1, the processing of graphics is complex, must be checked. 2, on-line computer does not connect the network cable, it is the individual control laser system. 3, slow operation, please do not be too impatient, so as not to crash. 4, please be careful to prevent the virus, in order to prevent system errors. Failure 6: The worktable xy axis is not allowed to 1, the workbench slide screws loose 2, the working table glass with the customer's request to be fixed, may change the iron plate or plexiglass board, under the glass may adjust the balance function. 3, the right side of the workbench and the upper and lower corners can be installed electronic ruler, can do a good electronic ruler installation to facilitate customer needs. 4. The screw hole on the worktable can be conveniently used by the customer, and the product is negative.Laser Marking Machine.


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