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Some Common Problems When Using The Marking Machine

- Feb 16, 2018 -

If The Marking results are not clear´╝îMarking results are not correctly located. Here are some instruction:


Laser marking is the process of using the laser beam to mark permanently on the surface of a variety of materials. 

Fiber laser marking machine use fiber laser source to generate laser energy and export the laser beam with optical fibers and high-speed scanning galvanometer to mark on the workpiece.


Fiber laser marking machine structure:

Fiber laser source, galvanometer (marking head), software control board, industrial computer, chassis cabinets, workpiece marking platform, etc.


Common problems and how to solve them:

1. Marking results are not clear

        First, check the software parameters are correct, check the power parameters are set in a reasonable range, for example, if the frequency is too high, there won't be light coming out. 

        If the parameters are set correctly, then check the laser power supply. The factory laser power supply suppose to be 24V, use a multimeter to test the laser power supply. If the power supply voltage are not correct, replace the 24V power supply.


2. Marking results are not correctly located

        Check the nearby sources of interference, the working environment should be far away from any kind of interference.

        Check if there is any loosening noise coming from the galvanometer (marking head). If it does have loosening noise, please detach the galvanometer and send it back to us for further inspection.

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