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Table Mini Laser Marking Machine

- Sep 11, 2018 -

HBS laser is also portable marking machine suppliers, produce with the table mini laser marking machine, portable marking machine suppliers

Key Specifications/Special Features:

This is the smallest laser marking machines, similar to a small PC
Comparing with traditional big and heavy laser machines, it is quite portable and easy for carrying. Good for business use and customer's DIY

Features of the laser marking machine:

  1. Small in size and compact structure, convenient to move

  2. Long lifespan of fiber laser source: 100,000 hours

  3. Good scanning galvanometer, with good seal, small volume, compact

  4. Good scraps controller, swift and stable transmission

  5. High precision: up to 0.0012mm, bring you the fantastic and satisfied marking effect

  6. Superior laser beam: definition is 1 micron, 10 times as that of traditional products

  7. No consumables: one fiber marker can work for more than 10 years without any consumables

  8. Fast speed: 800 standard characters per second, is 3 to 5 times above that of traditional products

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