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The Advantage Of Using Laser Marking Machine To Mark On the Watch

- Feb 05, 2018 -

  Watch is not only used to look at the time, but also it is a symbol of social identity. Any subtle errors or slight flaws affect the quality of the watch.

  Using the laser marking machine has the following advantages:

1.Reduce the cost while improve the quality of markings.

2.Enchance anti-counterfeiting with the logo of your brand.

3.Increase the value of the watch with exquisite markings.

4.Environmental friendly: HBS laser marking machine does not produce any chemical substance which is harmful to the environment or humban being.

5.The traditional technique needs to touch the surface of the watch, which is easy to cause the damage and extrusion on the surface. Thus, it will affects the whole appearance of the watch. With a computer software control system, the HBS laser marking machine has a precise control of small laser beam in the watch surface. The quality can been guaranteed, so can the processing efficiency.


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