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The Contrast Between Fiber Laser Marking Machine And Other Marking Machines

- Feb 01, 2018 -

Fiber laser marking machine is better than other types of laser marking machine equipment. Let's take some comparison.

Laser marking machine in accordance with the different laser is divided into YAG laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine, semiconductor, etc. The main difference is that the lasers are not the same. The difference between the laser wavelength is not the same, in many lasers marking machine fiber laser marking machine is the most expensive. Here we take a look at the fiber laser marking machine relative to other laser marking machine What are the advantages.

The advantages of a fiber laser marking machine are inherent in the advantages of fiber lasers. The advantages of fiber lasers for laser marking:

A.The beam is of good quality which closes to the diffraction limit. TEM00 base horizontal mode output, M2 close to 1, the beam divergence angle of 0.24mrad;

B. high pulse repetition frequency, stable output power, single pulse energy less than 1%, and then complete high-speed laser marking, but also accurately control the size of the spot, depth, shape;

C. High power, plug power up to 20%, electro-optical power conversion up to 70%;

D. environmental habits ability can be in high vibration, high humidity environment, normal operation; 

E. no need water cooling equipment. Small size, high power, high reliability, long-term maintenance-free, cost savings.

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