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The Main Factor Of The Dot Pin Marking Machine

- Oct 09, 2017 -

The main factors that affect the fiber laser marking machine are divided into two factors: internal factors and working parts. Internal factors mainly for the laser frequency, laser beam mode and beam divergence angle, laser power, reasonable optical shaping with the processing of auxiliary gas substances. Internal factors mainly in the early models when the allocation of attention, should follow the advice of laser engineers to buy. Dot Pin Marking Machine Another factor mainly requires customers to pay attention to the processing, mainly for the marking density, marking the format, marking the depth and laser spot size.Dot Pin Marking Machine Marking density in the same format, the same spot, the same depth of the case, marking the higher the density, the corresponding marking speed will be slower, the reason for the density directly increases the marking area. Marking format because of large format galvanometer galactic deflection area increased, so large format marking speed slower than the small format marking.Dot Pin Marking Machine

Marking depth according to demand, for the depth of the marking to deepen the need for fiber laser marking machine parameters to adjust the fiber laser marking machine power, current, and other factors, so in these processes will affect the marking speed. Laser spot size, the smaller the corresponding spot marking the smaller the volume, therefore, the greater the spot, the faster the marking speed.Dot Pin Marking Machine

In the selection of pneumatic marking machine at the same time, we should pay attention to its several important factors, including print depth, print speed, print accuracy, to print the accuracy, print hardness, working hours, working environment needs, working voltage and pressure Control and so on. We only in accordance with the above factors carefully selected, in order to choose a more suitable for long-term use of the enterprise marking machine.Dot Pin Marking Machine

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