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The Use Of Krypton Lamp In Laser Marking Machine

- Sep 12, 2017 -

Laser marking machine Krypton Lamp use the method: Shut down the water cooler, laser power supply. Open the upper three-block lid, remove the lamp or crystal to be replaced, replace it and put the lid on. Boiling water cooler, laser power supply, the laser power supply current to ($number) a or so. 1 small pieces of wood or black paper are placed between the front diaphragm and the beam-expanding lens, and the laser ablation of the spot should be seen.Laser Marking Machine

If not, slightly adjust the front diaphragm rack to three knobs until the spot appears. After the laser debugging, the three knobs of the front diaphragm frame should be adjusted repeatedly to make the spot the strongest, such as the laser is too strong, the brightness is too high to observe, can reduce the power supply current. Turn off the laser power.

Special note: Time to replace the Krypton lamp. Laser Marking Machine

The Krypton lamp in the laser shows that the service life of Krypton lamp is 300 hours, but the time is not the only basis for the replacement of Krypton lamps because of different user conditions. With the increase in the use of time, krypton lamp luminous efficiency decreased, laser output also weakened, many users in order to obtain enough laser output, increase the current of the laser power supply, so that the Krypton lamp luminous enhancement, which makes Krypton lamp aging accelerated, forming a vicious circle, sometimes led to the phenomenon of explosion. Laser Marking Machine

To prevent this from happening, it is recommended that the user decide whether to replace the Krypton lamp in the following way.When a new Krypton lamp is replaced, the laser power ammeter value of the normal marking is recorded as the standard current value. When the Krypton lamp gradually aging, increase the laser power supply current output, but the ammeter value should not exceed the standard current value of 1.25 times. Laser Marking Machine

For example, The new Krypton lamp marking the current value of 20A, the use of a period of time, if the current value is adjusted to 25A after still not normal marking, you should replace Krypton lamp.Laser Marking Machine

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