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The Work Of Magnetic Chip Remover

- Oct 23, 2017 -

Any equipment to have a long service life, in addition to following the correct mode of operation, the regular maintenance is also very important. The chip is also a mechanical equipment, so this reason is the same for it, so as to avoid some small links to the equipment caused greater damage. Where is the maintenance of the chip conveyor?Magnetic Chip Remover

Lubrication for the chip conveyor has a very important role, it can ensure that the equipment after prolonged use can still maintain excellent accuracy, so according to the actual situation on a regular basis to the excretion zone lubrication, the main lubricant is disulfide molybdenum. Clean cleaning is also part of the chip conveyor maintenance, regular cleaning can ensure that parts less damage, but also check the equipment parts there are some problems, defects, and timely replacement, so as to avoid serious problems. Rust on the chip conveyor to do a good anti-rust work can ensure that equipment from corrosion problems, and play a good anti-rust effect is cutting oil, can ensure the normal operation of the equipment. Magnetic chip conveyor is a more widely used in the chip equipment, and has a good chip removal effect, in the daily use must be protected.Magnetic Chip Remover

In the atom, the electrons in the rotational motion state can be simply regarded as a current closed loop, so the electrons in the rotating state must be accompanied by a magnetic moment. In the free space, the free emblem of free atoms affected by other environments has two main sources, one is the electron orbit magnetic moment generated by the orbital angular momentum of the electrons around the nucleus, and the other is the electrons produced by the spin of the electron itself Spin magnetic moment. The total magnetic moment of the electron is proportional to the total angular momentum of the electron (the angular sum of the orbital angular momentum).Magnetic Chip Remover

For multi-electron free atoms or ions, the magnetism is provided by the orbital moments and spin moments generated by electrons that are not covered by the shell. When the electrons fill the shell, the orbital motion and the spin motion orientation of each electron occupy all possible directions, and these directions are symmetrically distributed, so the total angular velocity is zero, and there is no contribution to the atomic magnetic moment. Iron family transition family, such as Fe, Ni, Co, etc., an atomic emblem to explore the shell of 3d electronic. Rare earth element t emblem is derived from the shell of the 4f electrons. The free atom or the magnetic moment exiting can be calculated according to the Hunter law.Magnetic Chip Remover

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