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The Working Principle Of Magnetic Chip Remover

- Sep 12, 2017 -

Magnetic chip machine Working principle! Magnetic chip cutting machine is the principle of magnetic discharge. Magnetism of the magnetic chip machine material originates from the magnetic moment of the atom in the material. In atoms, electrons in a rotating state can simply be viewed as a closed loop, so the electrons in the rotating state must be accompanied by a magnetic moment. In free space, the emblem moment of free atoms unaffected by other environments has two main sources, one is the electron orbital magnetic moment generated by the orbital angular momentum of the electron orbiting the nucleus, and the other is the electron spin magnetic moment produced by the spin motion of the electron itself.Magnetic Chip Remover

The total magnetic moment of the electron is proportional to the total angular momentum of the electron (orbital angular momentum and the vector of spin angular momentum). For a free atom or ion of multiple electrons, its magnetism is provided by the orbital emblem moments and the spin aids moments produced by electrons in the shell layer. When the electrons fill the shell, the orbital motions and spin motions of each electron occupy all possible directions, which are symmetrically distributed so that the total angular motion T is zero. No contribution to the atomic magnetic moment.Magnetic Chip Remover

Iron Family of transition family, such as Fe, Ni, CO and so on, atomic emblem moment to explore the shell layer of 3d electrons. The emblem of the rare earth element T is derived from the 4f electrons in the shell layer. The free atom or the magnetic moment of absence can be computed according to the hund principle. The magnetic separator uses the magnetic material to separate the metal scraps.Magnetic Chip Remover

In addition to chip conveyor, chip machine, machine tool accessories detailed description, magnetic chip conveyor, powder foam iron conveying tool: Each group of magnetic materials the largest adsorption is fixed, micturition volume can be based on the transmission speed, each group of magnetic material spacing to change. Magnetic Chip Remover

The main transmission length under 50mm of magnetic flux-breaking, debris, powder crumbs; widely used in CNC machine tools, modular machine tool production line, machining center, such as cutting machine tool guide magnetic chip conveyor, and other forms of chip machine, filter combination to achieve the different requirements of the host, with cooling oil transport ideal effect The dimensions of each part, the cooling tank can be designed and manufactured according to the different design of the cutting machine, the chain sheet-type chip conveyor-the perfect tool for the automation of the chip conveying.Magnetic Chip Remover

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