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Troubleshooting When There is No Laser Output.

- Feb 07, 2018 -

Troubleshooting When There Is No Laser Output Coming Out.

1. Check the "emergency stop" button.

The emergency stop should be released before marking, otherwise there is no laser beam coming out.

2. Restart the machine.

The sequence of turning on every button is very key. Please turn on those three buttons (Marking Card button, Galvanometer button, Laser button) from top to bottom this time.


3. Find the focal point of the laser beam first.

Before laser marking on the workpiece, the first thing is to find the laser focus. If the workpiece is not on focus during marking, it might not mark at all. Only on the focal point will the laser beam have the strongest energy. To find the focal point, open the laser marking software and edit a text, choose "continuous marking" as icon shown "Continuo Part" in the following picture. Otherwise the marking will complete before you find the focus since the marking speed is so fast. Press F1 to activate the red light for checking the marking position on the workpiece.


Press ESC on the keyboard to cancel the red light and then press F2 to start marking. Meanwhile keep adjusting the height of marking head (move up and down) by operating the up/down operating button until the red light becomes the clearest. For more information, please contact us.


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