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What Is The Neutral Atom Laser?

- Aug 14, 2015 -

The difference between the laser and the plasma gas neutral atom laser, that the former laser light from the transition stage between neutral atomic energy, which is the energy level of ions (such as Ar +, Kr +) between the transitions. Therefore, argon laser (Argon laser) and argon ion laser (Argon ion laser) is not the same, the former belongs to laser light wavelength infrared light, which is in the visible and ultraviolet region. However, while the argon laser is rare, on the other hand in order to facilitate the call, it is often referred to as argon ion laser argon laser. Not only Chinese narrative that, English literature also sees this usage, it will not be confused in time, still with an argon laser called an argon ion laser.

Neutral atom laser, the most common is a helium-neon laser. It is red, especially as we are familiar with. Its light color is remarkable, so often used in non-visible laser beam guidance (Guiding beam). With its superior tone and convenience of operating conditions (only air cooled, 110V voltage, the price is relatively low), making it widely used in scanning the whole image reading device and the like.

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