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Working Principle Of Dot Pin Marking Machine

- Jul 14, 2017 -

                 The printer can be divided into two categories: the Western printer and the Chinese printer by classifying the printing data from a stylus printer. The difference between them is that the Western-language printer has only a west-character lattice library inside, in the printing of Latin text is the use of character printing, while the printing of Chinese characters need to use a bit image printing, and the Chinese printer because of the internal Latin and Chinese characters dot matrix Word library, so whether the printing of western characters or printed Chinese characters, are used in the character printing. Of course, both printers use bitmap printing when printing images or graphics. The implementation of the printing process is actually a more complex data processing process, which can be described as follows:Dot Pin Marking Machine

                  Receiving computer host data: In general, the printer receives data from the computer's host according to the capacity of its input data buffer. There are three kinds of data types: (1) character data in the form of Ascⅱ code, in which the western character and some graphic symbols are a-byte data, and Chinese characters are two-byte data, which is usually called the Chinese character inner code. (2) A print command code in the form of a Ascⅱ code that specifies the form of the character to be printed (such as size, weight, rotation, decoration, and so on) and the actions that the printer performs (such as carriage return, line breaks, page breaks, and so on). (3) Bit image data (typically single-byte hexadecimal data group). In the receiving data phase, the microprocessor or Single-chip confidential control interface circuit in the printer realizes communication with the computer and distinguishes the received data by its nature for use in the following data processing stages.Dot Pin Marking Machine

                  Data processing: In this phase, the printer should be processed according to the data obtained. The Print command is first processed, determines the number of characters or printed columns each line is to be printed, and then extracts the same number of character data or bit image data from the input data buffer for processing of the dot-matrix data, which is usually referred to as row processing, all data processing is done in the intermediate data buffer. When a line of print data processing completes or a command that represents a carriage return appears at a location on this line of data, the line of print is sent to the print buffer, and the program that prints the control is printed.Dot Pin Marking Machine

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