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Working Principle Of Dot Pin Marking Machine

- Aug 16, 2017 -

            Status detection and processing: State detection is divided into power-on self-test and print state detection, if the self-test is not passed, then the corresponding alarm processing. In the process of printing, when a line of printing is completed, the next line of printing before the beginning of the printer's status detection, mainly including the current position of the print head detection, the lack of paper detection, print head overheating detection and so on and whether through the control Panel to give the offline commands and other operational commands. After the above detection and processing, can enter the next line of printing data processing process.Dot Pin Marking Machine

            Paper Feeding Control: The purpose of paper feeding control is to meet the needs of printing, such as the font of large characters or Chinese characters need two or two times or more of the printing to complete, in order to make it a good connection between the upper and lower, should control the paper micro-printing; If you need to print the next line of characters, you will be able to feed the required line spacing. What is the amount of each paper output, the microprocessor or SCM according to the processing of printed data to control the stepper motor rotation of the number of steps to determine.Dot Pin Marking Machine

            Print control: When the printed data is ready, the control program should be based on the requirements of the print quality (such as quadrochromatic            printing, letter printing, density printing, etc.) to determine the stepper motor running frequency, and according to the selected running frequency of the word vehicle drive control. Because the print head hit frequency (out of the needle frequency) is fixed, so the print density is changed with the speed of the word car. The speed of the word car, printing point density is large, print quality is high; conversely, the speed of the word car, the density of the print point is small, the print quality is reduced. Therefore, in general, in order to make it easier for users to choose the right print quality, a print example of a variety of printed characters or images is listed on the usage instructions. When a line of print data is printed, the control program is transferred to the paper.Dot Pin Marking Machine

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