Diode End-Pump Laser Marking Machine For Spare Parts Of Automobiles And Motorcycles

Diode End-Pump Laser Marking Machine For Spare Parts Of Automobiles And Motorcycles

Features: 1. Small size, can be operated on the office desk. 2. Low power consumption, less than 200W/Hour. 3. USB 2.0 interface connection - will work with a Laptop. 4. Free of maintenance within 15000 hours, very low operation cost. 5. Easy and convenient operation, an operator can be productive within 2 hours. 6. Pilot Light Pointer to preview the path of laser beam and indicate the focus point. 7. Compatibility - the control software supports Coreldraw, AutoCAD, PhotoShop, etc. 8. Air-cooled system - no need for a water chiller and the associated noise and maintenance. 9. X, Y and Z axis adjustable working table--easy to focus and locate the material in the optimum position. 10. With more than 45% high optics-optics conversion efficiency, power consumption is decreased significantly. 11. Through using the diode end-pumped laser device, the laser beam has the best transmiting mode and will deliver perfect marking effects which the YAG Lamp-pump laser and diode side-pumped laser can not achieve.

Product Details

Diode End-Pump Laser Marking Machine for Electronic Component


Integrated intelligent software control
High reliability, high stability, and high security
High precision marking quality
Low energy consumption and easy maintenance
Suitable materials and application
Suitable materials: Nylon, ABS, PVC, PES, steel, titanium, copper, etc. It is widely used in automobile, IC, electronic components, silicon wafer, electronics, electric apparatus, communication, computer, clock and watch, glasses, jewelry, artwork ornaments, etc.

The machine adopts fiber laser source and speedy galvo scanning system. High quality of laser beam, long service time and stable equipment performance exempts maintenance. The marking is non-touched process, permanent effect, humanized operation and stable running. 24-hour non-stop running makes it meet the demand of massive on-line and off-line industrialized production. AutoCAD, CorelDRAW, Photoshop compatible, PLT, PCX, DXF, BMP, JPE etc supportive.

Electronics component, the communication, the spare parts of automobiles and motorcycles, hardware and machinery, instrument and meter, aerospace, war product,food and beverage etc.

Stainless,Silver,Gold,Bamboo,Paper,Plastic,Mood,Glass,PVC,and so on.

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