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Laser cutting-Production and cutting rates

- Dec 25, 2018 -

The maximum cutting rate (production rate) is limited by a number of factors including laser power, material thickness, process type (reactive or inert), and material properties. Common industrial systems (≥1 kW) will cut carbon steel metal from 0.51 – 13 mm in thickness. For all intents and purposes, a laser can be up to thirty times faster than standard sawing.

Cutting rates using a CO2 laser [cm/second]
Workpiece materialMaterial thickness
0.51 mm1.0 mm2.0 mm3.2 mm6.4 mm13 mm
Stainless steel42.323.2813.767.833.40.76
Mild steel8.897.836.354.232.1
Boron / epoxy-

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