Magnetic Chip Remover

MAGNETIC CHIP REMOVER Scope of working Typically used in food processing industry and machining industry (removing iron chips from milling machine, lathe and drilling machine). Strong magnetic power to attract iron chips making work place clean and tidy.

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Product application:

Simple metal and alloy (iron, copper, aluminum, magnesium, zinc and all other metals), rare metal and alloy (gold, silver and titanium); oxides of metals (all types of metal oxides), special surface treatment (including phosphorizing surfaces, anodized aluminum, electrical coatings); ABS material (housings of electrical appliances, consumer goods), mascara (luminous buttons, printed products), epoxy resin (sealing and insulating layer of electronic components).

The scope of application:

Used in food processing and machining industries (removal of iron shavings from a sub-milling machine, lathe, drilling machine). A strong magnet attracts metal iron shavings and, collecting it, cleans the workplace.

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