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The Application Of The Fiber Laser Marking Machine On The Gift Industry

- Aug 25, 2017 -

With the continuously improvement of life quality, the demand of the gift are increasinglly. The Laser Marking machine bring more business opportunities to the gift industry. Laser marking machine is widely used in the DIY gift application. You can add your own idea on the gifts. Enterprises must give their products to add more value-added, and laser marking machine has become the first choice for many gift manufacturers. According to the customer's corporate culture background, tailored with human feelings of the gift. Such high value-added services can not only maintain a high profit, but also to attract customers. So more and more people use the laser marking machine, according to the customer's request to customize their favorite patterns, text, signature. For example, you can mark your name and numbers and some pictures on the gift. Also you You can make the pictures or names on your phone, also you can put your own logo on your cups, pen, etc.


Also you can make the metal business cards. Now photo laser marking is widely used in a variety of metal mobile phone protective cover above, showing the personality of their own. By the laser marking machine, you can make the logo on diffenent materials, such as metal, pleastic, Paper, Wood, ABS, Leather, etc. 

So you can choose the Laser Marking Machine according to your requirements. You can choose the table Laser marking machine or handheld laser marker accoring to the materials. If you chosose Portable laser marking machine, you can move it easily.And you can choose different powers accoring to what kinds of materials you want mark on.

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