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EZCAD Vector Diagram Format Compatibility For The Marking Mchine

- Jul 20, 2017 -


1. Take CorelDRAW X6 software as example


Ai format: support Adobe Illustrator under version 8;


PLT format: there is no version requirements, can compatible well;


DXF format: Support AutoCAD under version 2008;


SVG format: Supporting SVG under version 1.1;



2. Take AutoCAD2015 software as example


Ai format: not compatible;


PLT format: for first time use, need set virtual printer, print the file into new document and then can be apply. For details please refer to printer settings;


DXF format: Support AutoCAD under version 2013


SVG format: not compatible;

EZCAD Vector Diagram Format Compatibility for HBS marking machines.

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