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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Application Of The Industry

- Jan 23, 2018 -

Laser cutting machine for sheet metal processing at the same time, the need to enhance the cutting results, and to some extent, to promote the processing output, improve work efficiency. Laser cutting machine is short for CNC laser cutting machine, which is a kind of automatic cutting machine with program control system. With the improvement of manufacturing level, laser cutting machine has become the necessary equipment for sheet metal processing.

Laser cutting machine in the advertising industry

For the advertising industry, the need for regular processing of some metal ad characters, but also in the machining accuracy and cutting requirements are very high, laser cutting machine can be a good solution to this problem. The general processing capacity is relatively large, and the income is relatively high, Beijing Boshan laser is recommended to choose fiber laser cutting machine, not only processing speed but also in terms of accuracy, is the best choice for the advertising industry.

Laser cutting machine in the fitness equipment manufacturing industry

For the fitness equipment manufacturing industry, the pipe is the most processed, cutting and drilling process is often needed, so choose a can cut, but also drilling equipment, is very necessary. Beijing Heng Boshan laser pipe laser cutting machine can choose to recommend, pipe laser cutting machine can cut a variety of shapes of pipe, support in the pipe surface, the processing of any complex curve graphics, not difficult to limit the graphics. After cutting the pipe cross-section does not require secondary processing, welding can be direct, greatly reducing the production period for the enterprise to create unlimited value.

The application of laser cutting machine, greatly promoted the social and economic development, but also to provide consumers with high-quality items, greatly improving people's quality of life.

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