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HBS Manufacture All Kinds Of Marking Machines, Engraving Machine

- Jan 19, 2018 -

Beijing HBS Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. for domestic and foreign customers with professional marking solutions and related processing equipment. The main products include laser precision cutting, laser cleaning, laser marking machine, pneumatic marking machine, mobile marking machine, the handheld marking machine, electromagnetic marking machine, electro-chemical marking machine, and other series of dozens of industries Marking equipment and ancillary products. 

The marking machines can be widely used in electronics, electrical equipment, electric power, communications, molds, automobiles, locomotives, railways, aerospace, military manufacturing, shipbuilding, casting, machinery, metal materials and jewelry processing industries, and products have been the European CE certification.

Beijing HBS Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. with reference to the ISO9001 quality control system, the stereotypes in the incoming materials, processing, solicitation, shipping all aspects of strict control to ensure the performance and quality of the shipments. At present, HBS all products are in full accordance with the EU standards in the implementation and production and assembly, and in full compliance with the German laser industry-related safety standards.

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