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Laser Cutting In Household Electrical Appliances Processing

- Feb 22, 2018 -

At present, the output of major household electrical appliances in our country has risen to the forefront in the world.

At present, the output of major household electrical appliances in our country has risen to the forefront in the world. The production of refrigerators and washing machines accounts for more than 40% of the total amount worldwide. The output of air conditioners and microwave ovens accounts for about 70% of the total amount worldwide. Small household electrical appliances account for nearly 80% of the total amount worldwide. From 2014 to 2016, China's primary household appliances production (including washing machines, refrigerators, and air conditioners) were 320 million units, 320 million units, and 330 million units, respectively.


Appliances have a more significant potential market, which also brings new challenges to the processing of stainless steel products. The traditional stainless steel cutting method has disadvantages like, has a low processing efficiency, and easy to produce burrs, surface roughness, deformation and other issues. 


In contrast, the advantage of laser cutting method is more prominent, becoming the standard choice for many stainless steel processing enterprises.

The advantages of laser cutting:

1. No processing stress, No deformation

The use of laser cutting equipment can disregard the hardness of the material, and it can cut steel, stainless steel, aluminum, carbide plate without deformation. 

2. No repeat processing, High processing efficiency

The laser cutting process is a non-contact process, it will not cause the workpiece deformation and will not affect the next operation. Because of the cutting edge are very smooth, thus repeat processes are not required.

3. Accurate positioning, Perfect cutting result

The laser beam is being focused into a tiny spot so that the focus can achieve high power density which can quickly heat the material to the vaporization degree, enables the laser cutting machine to achieve a better positioning accuracy, and better cutting accuracy.

4. No tool wear, Low maintenance costs

The laser cutting machine can cut stainless steel without tool wear. The high photoelectric conversion rate lowers processing costs even more.


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