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Prato Fiber Laser Marking Machine Into The Industry Focus

- Aug 14, 2015 -

With the progress of social life, the rapid development of technology, laser marking machine has entered a new phase. At present, the domestic market laser marking machine has a fiber laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine and laser marking machines. Compared with the traditional processing equipment, although the fiber laser processing equipment are expensive, but still fiber laser marking machine, with its unique advantages, gradually become a new nobility logos, advertising, electronics and other industries.

Laser, galvanometer is the core of the laser device currently on the market is divided into domestic and imported laser, galvanometer, relatively speaking, domestic prices will be slightly cheaper, but on the opposite in terms of technology and quality imported laser, galvanometer will be more protection.

So fiber laser marking machine has the advantages of how in practical applications as well?

And semiconductor laser marking machine compared to fiber laser marking machine has a higher beam quality. Using fiber laser output laser, then by ultra-high-speed scanning galvanometer marking system implementation function, using air cooling, the whole small size, good beam quality, high reliability, long operating life, can be carved metal and some non-metallic, more suitable for precision marking. Because fiber lasers with high conversion efficiency and low thresholds, fiber laser output wavelength covers a very wide range, from 400 a 3400nm, can meet the application requirements in all aspects, in terms of industry and commerce, communications, military, medical, etc. are There are good prospects. Needless to say, the fiber laser marking machine already, with its unique advantages in the industry rise gradually replace the traditional way mark.

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