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The Application of Rotating Laser Marking Machine

- Feb 22, 2018 -

  With the continuous development of the laser industry, laser application has been widely used in many fields, providing convenient and efficient way for the current processing. 

  Now the laser rotary marking is in the arc-shaped workpiece above the engraving process, the use of synchronous tracking method of rotation processing, under the control of the computer, galvanometer inside the motor shaft rotation, the other axis remains fixed, with the rotation of the motor to complete the arc-shaped workpiece marking processing. 

  With the continuous improvement of the performance of the laser marking machine, the pattern of the processed arc can be continuously marked permanently for more than one week around the processed arc surface. Dynamic rotation mode marked pattern with smooth graphics connection, no breakpoints, beautiful patterns. 

  It has been applied in a range of applications such as the watches and clocks, toys, stationery, electronics industry, automobile manufacturing, etc.


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