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What's the Maximum Depth that Your Marking Machine can Engrave?

- May 31, 2018 -

Q:What's the Maximum Depth that Your Marking Machine can Engrave?

A:It depends on the watts of laser and the marking time.

Many customers ask me about the same question. They are afraid that the markings will be erased by cataphoresis or other chemical ways if the depth isn't deep enough.

Let's think in another way. Coating the metal first then marking it.

The biggest strength of the laser marking machine is non-contact with the workpiece.Therefore, it won't damage the workpiece. 

There are many types of coatings used to harden or protect metals from corrosive elements. Some coatings, such as powder coat, are thicker and require more intense laser settings to completely remove. Other coatings, like black oxide, are thin and meant to protect only the surface. These are much easier to ablate and will provide great contrast marking.

HBS fiber laser series are capable of marking on coated and painted metals and the ideal system for your application depends on your marking requirements. HBS fiber lasers come in 20-50 watts, and can easily remove the powder coat and mark the underlying surface. Our fiber lasers can engrave coated metals.


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