Ultraviolet Laser Marking Machine From Manufacture Factory

Ultraviolet Laser Marking Machine From Manufacture Factory

Ultraviole t Laser Marking Machine Features: It has following features: high electrooptical conversion rate, long working time of nonlinear crystal, high stability, high positioning accuracy, ULTRAVIOLET LASER MARKING MACHINE HBS-ZG-3 high operation efficiency, optimized modular design for...

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Ultraviolet Laser Marking Machine Features:

high electrooptical conversion rate, long working time of nonlinear crystal, high stability, high positioning accuracy, ULTRAVIOLET LASER MARKING MACHINE HBS-ZG-3 high operation efficiency, optimized modular design for convenient installation and maintenance. 

Equipped with two-dimensional automated workstation, it can realize marking continuously in multi-stage or large-size marking. The laser marking line is very fine that suitable for marking with high demand, it’s mainly applied to mark the products such as LCD screen, IC wafer, and IC chips. 


Ultraviolet Laser samples

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