CO2 Laser Marking Machine 30W Fiber Laser Machine From China

CO2 Laser Marking Machine 30W Fiber Laser Machine From China

Brief introduction HBS Science & Technology Co,.Lts make a great effert on the co2 laser marking machine. Our company's garment laser marking machine takes many factors into consideration, such like big power, larger working area, high efficiency marking,bad working environment. So we do...

Product Details

Brief introduction

This machine uses the solid laser with NLIGHT laser module from US, British Gucci Q-switch, and multiple laser power protection.

All of these ensures the laser machine with high efficiency, long working life, and high stability.
This system adopts air-cooled design, high-precision temperature control, and excellent laser stability. 
It is guaranteed for 24-hours continuous operation at room temperature.

Our Service

1. For all of HBS products, we ensure 24 months quality warranty against the delivery of the commodities to the customers;
2. For all of the laser marking machine, HBS ensures our laser power can be used for at least 100,000 hours if proper operation;
3. HBS carry out 24 hours online free operation training, troubleshooting and after-sales services;
4. HBS have strong engineer teams for the international door to door after sales services at any time;
5. HBS support to replace the broken machine with the brand-new machine if the machine has the vital defect;
6. HBS third-party technical support and international engineers are available in most countries.

Product Application

Widely used in nonmetal industry such as tobacco, food, drink, wine, leather, plastics, wood, jade, carnelian, ABS material (electric appliances casing, daily utilities), ink ( light button, printed material), epoxy resin ( sealed packing and an insulating layer of electronic components), etc.

HBS offer you the best CO2 Laser Marking Machine, welcome to contact us.


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