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3W UV Laser Marking Machine

- Sep 08, 2018 -

HBS UV laser marking machine

HBS laser is an advance marking machine manufacturers.

Wide application in leather marking (leather label marking, sole engraving), clothing engraving, food and drink, electronic, woodenware, meter, communication apparatus, packing, clock and glass, auto accessories and cell phone key press industries and more. It also can cooperate with the production line.

It can be used in the material of Leather, cloth, wood, paper, acrylic, epoxide resin, polyester resin, and such non-metal materials

ModelHBS-UV(3W UV laser power)
Ave. power3W
Laser repetitive frequencies1-200KHz
Q switch laser pulse width13-80ns
Laser wavelength355nm
Beam quality M2<1.2
Beam divergence angle<2mrad
Marking range300*300( can be ajustable)
Line speed9000mm/s
Min. line width0.01mm
Repetitive accuracy±0.005mm
Power requirement220V±22V / 50Hz / 10A
Power consume500W
Working environmentsTemperature: 15℃-30℃; Humidity 30-80%
No condensation

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