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Laser Mode Of Dot Pin Marking Machine

- Nov 01, 2017 -

Marking technology and even the hardest metal can be directly engraved into the interior of the material, logo (text, LOGO, special characters) is made of cemented carbide or inlaid industrial diamond marking needle carved surface formation, marking the needle engraved deep groove to form a coherent line.Dot Pin Marking Machine 

Marking techniques are usually used to limit the level of noise. For example, in the large pipeline marking to point needle marking machine is very noisy, and the use of carved marking machine can silently complete the task. It ensures high-quality permanent identification and is also perfect in OCR (optical character recognition). Marking machine is also called "drag-and-drop" marking, or carved marking.Dot Pin Marking Machine

Turning the field mirror of the laser coder into a small range of field mirrors, after the transformation, its marking depth will be deeper, such as the current semiconductor laser marking machine can be 110 of the field mirror, into 50 of the field, the total laser energy and the depth of the lettering will reach about twice times before the effect. Changing the imported field mirrors can also make the marking depth deeper. For example, the semiconductor laser code machine uses the German lens, the CO2 lens uses the United States 26 uniform head, can rise certain depth.Dot Pin Marking Machine

Laser marking machine laser mode to become better, its marking depth also has a certain upgrade, such as semiconductor laser marking machine, coupled with small holes, increase the refrigeration accuracy, adjust the laser mode out of the light, making the largest laser, the most round, the brightest. Replace the laser, change the success rate of the ground-type laser, the laser code machine directly improve the lettering depth. Replacement of better laser marking accessories, such as semiconductor machine laser marking machine, the use of imported Q-switch, the marking depth will be better. The power of the laser coder is increased, which is the most direct adjustment method.Dot Pin Marking Machine

Enter information such as graphics and text that you want to mark into your computer, the computer adopts the Special Control Board to control the driving system and the pneumatic system. Industrial grade X-y scanning system carries the marking head movement according to the computer instruction, the high-frequency valve controls the contact needle of the marking head to make the high-frequency vibration, prints the desired graph and the character on the workpiece.Dot Pin Marking Machine.

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