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Main Feature Of The Laser Marking Machines: Focus Finder

- Nov 20, 2017 -

HBS Laser Tech- features of  HBS laser marking machines --- Part Two

HBS laser Tech


Focus Finder

Our easy to use focus finder system, enable you to find the correct focal points with no problems. It ensures the precise laser marking process and save you more time compare to the one without focus finder system.


Positioning Laser:

The positioning laser will help you with the alignment process, it can either show a box where your contents will locate inside, or it can show you the exact contexts that you want to mark on the workpiece.  


Photo Laser Printing:

No matter what you want to mark, our products can deliver the best results to you. From a simple sentence to a complex photo, our products will always exceed your expectations. Our software support image formats, like jpg; bmp; gif; tga; png; tif.

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