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Product Characteristics And Physical Properties Of Magnetic Chip Remover

- Aug 03, 2017 -

    Magnetic chip machine applicable: For short roll design, applicable to metal iron filings, fine iron filings, casting iron filings. Can be widely used in processing centers, modular machine tools, milling machines, drilling machines, broaching machines, automatic lathes, gear processing machines and other mechanical processing equipment and the automatic line of iron filings and wet processing coolant in the scrap iron treatment, thus purifying the coolant. Also can be used as a guide to small parts of the conveyor and hoist, modern machining industry is an ideal supporting equipment.Magnetic Chip Remover
   Magnetic chip Machine Product Features: 1, quantitative discharge, not to overload. 2, reliable work, smooth operation, low noise, long life. 3, the use of automatic tightening mechanism, automatic adjustment of the whole chain tightness. This product is divided into magnetic plate and magnetic roller type of two structures, according to customer requirements design. The preparation of magnetic biological adsorbent is a process 。 by using physical or chemical methods to modify the free biomass to make it magnetic. At present, the preparation methods of magnetic biological adsorbent mainly include surface adhesion method, 、 covalent bonding method, 、 mixed embedding method and reversed phase suspension crosslinking method 。Magnetic Chip Remover
   Magnetic Bio-adsorbents have been paid more and more attention in the field of water treatment because of their unique advantages, which have good adsorption properties for heavy metal ions 、 dye molecules and other refractory contaminants, but to realize their future practicality or industrialization, further research is needed in the following areas: (1) expanding the scope of research for magnetized biomass materials, such as in-depth studies of fungal 、 bacteria and algae, to obtain more efficient 、 materials for the preparation of magnetic biosorption agents; (2) The optimum conditions for the adsorption of magnetic biological adsorbent were studied systematically, so as to improve the adsorption effect and lay a foundation for the future industrialization of magnetic bio-adsorbent; (3) The adsorption mechanism of magnetic biological adsorbent in water treatment was studied, and the prediction model of adsorption process was developed, in order to turn the magnetic biological adsorbent into the practical application in laboratory to create the condition 。 I believe that through continuous improvement of research, magnetic biological adsorbent will be widely used in water treatment 。Magnetic Chip Remover

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