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The Advantages Of Fiber Laser Marking Machine

- Feb 05, 2018 -

Fiber laser marking machine electro-optical conversion efficiency, up to 20% (YAG is about 3%), a great saving in electricity. Fiber laser marking using air cooling, cooling performance, without air conditioning and water circulation system. The fiber can be coiled, compact machine, the output beam quality is good. Optical fiber optical resonator without the lens, with no adjustment, maintenance-free, high-reliability performance. Fiber laser marking machine is widely used in plastic buttons, plastic buttons, chargers, mobile phone keys and other translucent marking work. Particularly suitable for depth, smoothness, high precision areas such as watches and clocks, mold industry, bitmap marking and so on.

Fiber laser marking machine solid countertops, high load-bearing capacity, solid and durable;

Profile one-lift frame, strong and solid, strong seismic performance;

Versatile, suitable for any industry. Comes with scale ruler, marking positioning simple and accurate;

Fiber marking machine can achieve continuous large-scale continuous marking.

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